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Harvest Festival


Promise holds great underground electronic music parties in Toronto since early 2000.  Warehouses, the beach, tall sailing ships, a festival on a sculpture farm, always with a great sound system and hand-picked Toronto djs and out of town guests. A common passion for deep thundering music in amazing spaces with people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. Always a special event and you are invited to be special at it.

Our Audience



Our AudienceOur audience create magic together by being themselves, enjoying spectacular music and the people around them. Promise people love culture, they travel, they talk, they dig dressing up and being part of an occasion. They are really nice to each other and all ages, sexualities and sexinesses are there. We even get chin-scratching techno lovers! Over 15 years, we’ve seen people meet, make new friends, find new lovers, even spawn a new generation of Promise babies. There’s always a delightful mix of our old-schoolers with fresh new faces. Be one of those fresh faces and come meet your next new friends.

Our Events

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Harvest festival is an outdoor electronic music camping festival on a gorgeous sculpture farm in cottage country north of Toronto. It is kept to a medium-sized boutique festival level, so you can always find your friends, even as you adventure from one stage and art attraction to another. The theme is participation, so in a similar fashion to festivals like Burningman, participants go all out in creativity, from unique festive costumes to mind-blowing theme camps.

Of course, don’t forget the event structures that were hand-built by the core volunteer work crew to house hundreds of event-goers dancing to thundering music all night.

Cherry Beach

Promise Cherry Beach

Since 2001, Promise has set up a nice big sound system on the beach by the lake all afternoon into the evening. Over the years, thousands of people of all types, ages and background have come and felt the delicious freedom of being at the beach in a great city. Everyone’s encouraged to bring a kite or dog or frisbee and a smile for those around them. Picture hundreds of people picnicking and chatting around a dancefloor on the sand. Each weekend features a different dj lineup, so hundreds of Toronto local musicians have had a chance to play for new people under the leafy trees in the sun beside the water.

This event has seen surprise appearances by such luminaries as Skrillex, Stacey Pullen, Zedds Dedd, Kenny Glasgow, Mark Oliver and more.

As usual, bring a frisbee, bring a kite, bring a handy sweater, bring a dog (only nice dogs), bring your lover and a hammock. And pass the time on a sunny Sunday afternoon with friends and friends of friends.

Garden Party

Promise Garden Party
A theme party where people dress up in all things celebratory and flowery! After a long cold dark winter with everyone wearing black and 50 shades of grey, it’s time to celebrate the coming spring thaw by putting on your best forgotten flowery gear from spring and summer and dance the night away. Promise turns a raw warehouse into an indoor garden paradise of flower décor and light and invites you to dance all night.



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What they are saying about us..



BlogTO on Ilovepromise
Brendan Arnott – 2014

“As I walked through the crowd, I couldn’t help but catch moments of intimacy all around me – people embracing, dancing together with eyes locked, leaning against the wall mid sentimental make out session, or just holding hands on the dance floor, laughing and talking.”


Vice - Thump
Ofelia Legaspi – 2014

“Dave and Irving, the Don Corleone of DJs, occasionally show endearment by throwing zero-experience talents into a pit of people… Crystal Castles was a virtual unknown when they played a Promise warehouse party. Art Department, before they were Art Department, moved bodies at Cherry Beach.”


Toronto Star
Raju Mudhar – 2006

“For all the talk about waterfront revitalization, there is already a place by the lake that the citizens have taken over and created into something quite special.”



Hamish Grant – 2008

“Techno god-DJ Stacey Pullen made a guest appearance at Cherry Beach for the Sunday sound system. Such a good time!”




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